Butterscotch Sweets Jar


Traditional Butterscotch in a 350g Victorian Style Jar


Butterscotch – Rich, buttery, creamy and sweet, just how a traditional butterscotch sweet should be. One of the most recognisable traditional sweets, its name has a disputed origin. One school of thought is that it relates to its Scottish heritage, the other is that it refers to scorched or “scotched” butter. I will leave that to the scholars to debate, i just eat `em!

Gelatine FreeGelatine Free
Sugar FreeNo artificial flavours
No artificial coloursNo artificial colours
No artificial coloursSuitable for Halal
No artificial flavoursSuitable for Vegetarian

Sugar,glucose syrup,butter,salt,emulsifier:glycerol mono stearate;colour:ammonia caramel


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