Creme Egg Fudge Jar


300g of Creme Egg Flavour Fudge in A Traditional Victorian Style sweets Jar

Creme Egg Fudge Jar

Creme Egg Fudge Jar – A creamy fudge version of the classic Cadbury chocolate & fondant treat. I can’t say hand on heart, as a true creme egg addict (i once ate a full box of 48 in one sitting) that this fudge tastes exactly the same as the foil wrapped sensation from Cadburys. I will say though that its very very close and extremely moreish! Presented in a traditional Victorian style sweet jar.

Sugar, sweetened condensed milk, fondant, lecithin, salt, glucose, hardened parlm kernel oil, potassium sorbate, cornflour,icing sugar,gelatine.

Warning: Contains soya & dairy. May contain nuts.


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