Vimto Bonbons Jar


A 350g Jar of Vimto Bonbons

Vimto Bonbons Jar

Vimto Bonbons Jar – Sweet vimto flavoured bonbons with a chewy centre. These vimto flavour bonbons are not as hard on the teeth as our Traditional Toffee Centred Bonbons but are just as full of flavour. Presented in a Victorian style sweet jar

Sugar, glucose syrup, water, vegetable oil (palp), citric acid, Maltodextrin, humectant (sorbitol syrup),Stabiliser (gum arabic), dextrose, colours (anthocyanins, beetroot red) Vimto flavouring: concentrated fruit juices (white grape, blackcurrant, raspberry) (0.2%), emulsifier (soya lecithins)

Contains soya